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Vinylux Nail Polish

CND Vinyluxcheapest vinylux nail polish ukFrom the creators of CND Shellac™ comes Vinylux™, the at home nail polish system with up to one week wear*. Each colour has a built in base coat allowing a speedy application to natural nails or enhancements. A top coat that gets stronger with exposure to natural light locks in the colour, no chips, no cracks for up to a week! With Shellac matched shades available you can now do your own pedicure in Vinylux to match your Shellac manicure. This is what you’ve been waiting for! We supply Vinylux direct to the public.

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Vinylux FAQ

CND Vinylux™ is a revolutionary nail polish that provides one week wear. It is a two part system comprising a colour coat and a top coat. As it is manufactured by CND some colours have been matched to the Shellac™ range. You can see the full Vinylux colour chart here. Vinylux is an ideal colour option for use on the natural nail or over enhancements. It can easily be removed with acetone allowing you to change the colour of your nails at home between nail salon appointments. Vinylux is great for touching up your Shellac or for using on toenails to match your Shellac manicure. Vinylux cures without a lamp in 8.5 minutes.

No. Vinylux nail polish will not last for a week on everyone. Some people have natural nails that are not in good condition or they use their nails like tools and therefore may see chipping or free edge wear earlier than one week. CND says that 80% of people will get a week long wear with Vinylux. The key point is that CND Vinylux lasts longer than traditional nail polish you should see better wear than you would receive from more traditional nail polishes thanks to the top coat containing photo initiators that react to natural light making the product get harder and tougher over

Vinylux nail polish is a two part system comprising a colour with a built in base coat and a separate top coat. The nail should be prepared properly as with any other system ensuring that any dead cuticle skin is removed and that the nail is thoroughly cleansed. Apply two thin coats of Vinylux weekly polish and finish with one coat of Vinlux top coat. You can see a video produced by CND on how to apply Vinylux here


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One week nail polish from CND

*CND say that 80% of Vinylux™ users will see 1 week wear depending on the condition of the nail and the activity of the user.